Norfolk Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norfolk Passport?

Norfolk Passport is a free-to-join membership programme that gives you exclusive perks across a range of leading Norfolk experiences. Visit the Partners page to see who’s involved. This programme was previously known as ‘Passport To Our Norfolk’.

What does the card offer me?

With nine partners already accepting Norfolk Passport, visit our Perks page to see the latest perks & partners. More will be added throughout the year. Check back regularly as our ‘Special’ offers are updated, and are often limited-time only!

How much does Norfolk Passport cost?

Membership is free, simply sign up instantly online here. Signup.

I already have a Passport To Our Norfolk card, what do I do?

Nothing as your black, original card is already registered and will continue to offer the same perks with our partners.

I am a Passport holder but have lost my card?

Simply contact us to request a replacement, please have your email address and passport number to hand (if you haven’t we can still help you!)

How can I exchange my old card for a new one?

Simply click here to access our ‘existing members’ signup page. You will need your old passport and email address used when you first signed up. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

I am having problems logging in to the website with my existing details?

Visit our Contact page to leave your details and a member of the team will get back to you during normal office hours (9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday)

Can I update my details including email and home address?

Yes, visit our existing members signup page here. Once you have verified your details you will be able to update these.

Where can I use my Norfolk Passport card?

Visit our Partners page to see the latest Norfolk brands that are part of our unique reward programme. For special offers, simply visit the Perks page to see which perks are currently available.

I have booked a table or room but I don’t have my card yet. What do I do and will get 10%?

For existing bookings used without Norfolk Passport, this is down to the specific partner’s discretion. You will always be able to use your Norfolk Passport on future bookings though.

How do I book a table or room?

All of our partner rooms can be booked via:, for table bookings, please visit the partner’s own website (available thorough our Partners page).

I want to cancel my Norfolk Passport membership, how do I do that?

Although we will be sad to see you go, simply visit our Contact form and leave your request in the comments box, we will remove you from the Norfolk Passport database. All emails we send will also include the option to unsubscribe from any communications.

How do you use my data once I have registered?

We take data protection very seriously and will never give your information to any third parties outside of the Norfolk Passport programme. When you signup you will be offered the chance to choose your own subscriptions preferences. All emails also include the option to unsubscribe. Visit to find out more about data protection.

Do you have any partners outside Norfolk?

No. Our focus is to deliver exciting perks across leading Norfolk experiences… but maybe in the future this will change!

What kind of partners are part of Norfolk Passport?

All Norfolk partners aspire to be leaders in their particular areas of expertise. Visit the Partners page to find out more.